Kurosawa y Tarkovsky

Un artículo de Akira Kurosawa contando cuando visitó a Andrei Tarkovsky mientras éste rodaba Solaris.

El principio no puede ser mejor:

I met Tarkovsky for the first time when I attended my welcome luncheon at the Mosfilm during my first visit to Soviet Russia. He was small, thin, looked a little frail, and at the same time exceptionally intelligent, and unusually shrewd and sensitive. I thought he somehow resembled Toru Takemitsu, but I don’t know why. Then he excused himself saying, “I still have work to do,” and disappeared, and after a while I heard such a big explosion as to make all the glass windows of the dining hall tremble hard. Seeing me taken aback, the boss of the Mosfilm said with a meaningful smile: “You know another world war does not break out. Tarkovsky just launched a rocket. This work with Tarkovsky, however, has proved a Great War for me.” That was the way I knew Tarkovsky was shooting Solaris.

En un momento dado se ponen a cantar el tema de Los siete samuráis

Akira Kurosawa on watching ‘Solaris’ with Andrei Tarkovsky

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