Dos árboles en equilibrio

De las tres, me ha gustado mucho esta escultura de dos árboles perpetuamente tirando de un muro de jardín. Que los árboles estén tan «construidos» como el muro me parece que le da toda la gracia.

Gabriela Albergaria’s “Two Trees in Balance” (2015) presents an aesthetically formal conflict between a garden wall and two improvised elements of nature. Neither enclosure nor sanctuary, as gardens have historically been, the two composite trees, made from salvaged pieces of wood, are suspended in perpetual tension as they pull against either side of a 10 foot concrete block wall, an evocation of the forces of gravity and organic growth that tend to pull down the structures humans erect.

The artist propagates her idea from found branches and trunks gathered throughout the city and  reconstructed into the semblance of trees with the aid of bolts and metal straps. Grafting, a common horticultural technique of cutting and fusing to reproduce multiple plants from a single rootstock, is evoked by Albergaria’s construction methods. The reconstituted trees recall the long tradition of gardening that in consort with architecture, served the psycho-socio-political need to define and demarcate nature into domesticated and wild zones.

Origen: Vantage Points: Three Works at Socrates Sculpture Park

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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