Gene Wolfe

La revista New Yorker ofrece un muy buen perfil de Gene Wolfe, el mejor escritor de ciencia ficción vivo. Su magistral El libro del sol nuevo es una lectura maravillosa y una prueba de las cumbres a las que puede llegar el género en manos de un autor sobresaliente.

Wolfe has published more than twenty-five novels and more than fifty stories, and has won some of science fiction and fantasy’s most prestigious awards. But he has rarely, if ever, been considered fully within the larger context of literature. His books contain all of the nasty genre tropes—space travel, robots, even dragons—and he hasn’t crossed into the mainstream on the strength of a TV or movie adaptation. Wolfe himself sees the trappings of science fiction and fantasy, the spaceships and so on, as simply “a sketchy outline of the things that can be done.” But even within fantasy fandom, Wolfe’s work presents difficulties. His science fiction is neither operatic nor scientifically accurate; his fantasy works are not full of clanging swords and wizardly knowledge. But ask science-fiction or fantasy authors about Gene Wolfe and they are likely to cite him as a giant in their field. Ursula K. Le Guin once called Wolfe “our Melville.”

Origen: Sci-Fi’s Difficult Genius – The New Yorker

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