Si Wes Anderson dirigiese la Patrulla X

Este vídeo posee una extraña perfección. Captura tan bien la estética de Wes Anderson…

Como dicen en The Horrible Perfection of A Wes Anderson X-Men:

Wes Anderson would be the kind of director who would value those flushes of love, while completely disregarding the “seriousness” of the series, special effects, civil rights and all. The Anderson treatment would be honest about the X-men’s heart, but it would also be a confession of defeat. I’m not sure whether Patrick H Willems intended that as part of the commentary: in 2011 he mocked Hollywood whitewashing in “White Luke Cage,” without really pointing fingers at anyone, least of all Marvel. “What if Wes Anderson Made the X-Men?” is part of a series of auteuristic take-offs on superhero properties, which are as much love-letters as spoofs. Intended or not, the skit functions like a critique of Marvel, not of the X-Men or Wes Anderson. How perfect would it be for Hollywood’s whitest director to re-make Marvel’s most prominently diverse cast? So perfect. That’s the sad part.

Sin embargo, de toda esa serie de vídeos cortos de Patrick (H) Willems, éste, por perfecto que sea, no es el mejor. El mejor de la serie “Director X dirige la película Y” es:

Y hablando de Bergman, el amigo faraxo me pasa Ingmar Bergman vs. The World, donde el famoso director se despacha bien con algunos de sus compañeros de profesión.

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