Bach to Africa

Lambarena – Bach to Africa es el disco que estoy escuchando ahora y me encanta. Creado como homenaje a Albert Schweitzer, el disco combina la tradición musical de Gabón con la música de J.S. Bach. El resultado es espectacular.

Como dicen en aquí:

The CD features classically trained European musicians, 10 ensembles from Gabon, and several Argentinean musicians, who worked together in the studio many months to create the album. The most successful tracks mysteriously capture the underlying musical impulse common to the two traditions, and the result opens up new meanings, and sounds natural and organic. For example, it’s astonishing, on track 2, how beautifully a traditional song from Gabon dovetails and overlaps with “Lasset uns den nicht Zerteilen,” from the St. John Passion, and how they complement each other in their exuberant affirmation of life.

Aunque señalan al final que alguna pieza no acaba de funcionar del todo.

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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