Me ha encantado este comentario final, donde indica que el tema principal de la película es el proceso de escribir una ópera y que en cierta forma, la película en sí es una ópera:

Or even more simply: the thing Amadeus primarily depicts, biopically-speaking, is the writing of operas – a dramatic form in which strong emotions are presented in a heavily artificial matrix of absurd plot and florid singing. And because of that artifice, the emotions are more immediately accessible. And that’s basically the exact same thing Amadeus is doing: the mechanism of the artifice is different, but the intensity, lack of subtlety, and thus the accessibility, they’re all the same. It’s a prose opera. Form and content meet and seamlessly blend. Terrific stuff.

Antagony & Ecstasy: THE LOVE OF GOD

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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