El genio de la barra para selfies

Ahora que está tan de moda criticar los selfies.

The Truly Brilliant Design History of the Selfie Stick:

Because here’s the thing about the selfie stick: It’s a really, really good idea. However much you loathe it, however much disgust you feel at the gnawing industrial narcissism complex we’ve built for ourselves, it’s a seriously brilliant object.

Y concluye con una gran verdad:

That’s what makes the selfie stick so brilliant, and its designer so totally unimportant. It solves a complex problem—a problem that plenty of major technology companies have failed at solving—with the dumbest and most logical solution out there. Unlike Glass, smartwatches, drones, and any other conspicuous means of putting the real world on the internet, it’s a non-entity, an anonymous, throwaway object whose real product is the image it facilitates. It lets us take pictures of our real lives, as silly and unflattering or awesome as those real lives sometimes are.

We look like total dweebs when we use it, but honest dweebs.

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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