Thor #1

Title Fight, the Dissent: “Thor #1”:

The High Father’s return to Asgard is the return of the patriarch at the heart of the Asgardian patriarchy. He returns ready to assume his unquestioned rule, ready to assume command as the All Father. Yet, Freyga, the All Mother, is unwilling to follow him blindly, unwilling to keep silent in the face of his bellowing power. She is the central character in this issue, a powerful female force more worthy than all of the men around her.

When Odin uses the same words that men have thrown at women through the ages—words that are meant to close the door on conversation, words that are meant to trump anything else that might be said—when Odin tells Freyga that it is time that she remembered her place, Dauterman gives her a look and Aaron gives her words that force the conversation to go forward. “Yes,” she says, “perhaps it is.” And we know what she means.

Categoría: Silva

Pedro Jorge Romero

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