La creación de apps

Básicamente, ¿cómo va a ser buena tu app si tú mismo no estarías dispuesto a usarla o si a ti mismo no te gusta usarla? Llegar a ese punto de perfección es sin embargo muy complicado:

My advice is to train yourself to recognize and note the small (but important) reactions that you have when you’re working with your own apps. Dismiss your professional knowledge about the effort it will take and consider the experience alone. Only when you’re willing and able to do what’s necessary to perfect a feature will you be accomplishing your best work. Your exit criteria should be when you’re delighted to use your own app or feature and surprised that you were able to pull it off.

En Mike Swanson’s Blog • I Have No Idea.

Evidentemente, es un consejo que puede aplicarse a algo más que la creación de apps.

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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