Pixar lo tiene claro

por Pedro Jorge Romero el 02/02/2011

The Onion puede llegar a alcanzar elevados grados de excelencia en sus noticias falsas:

Yes, after the success of our first few movies we had a hunch you’d continue to enjoy the wonderfully designed animation and our smart, lyrical writing, but I didn’t think we’d create a horde of drooling morons ready to drop everything just to watch a fucking rat cook dinner. Time and time again, though, there you chumps are, lined up around the block with your stupid little kids, eager to have your stupid little hearts filled with whimsy.

Admit it: You numb-nuts are addicted to our genuine, three-dimensional characters. And you just can’t get enough of our ability to make an idiot robot that can barely even talk feel relatable. It’s okay to say you love it.

It’s truly pathetic, but it’s okay.

via I’ve Got You Dumb Motherfuckers Eating Right Out Of My Hand | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

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