El reality de los suricatos

This is a reality TV program about meerkats. It is totally engrossing. There is more melodrama packed into one day of this large family of mongoose relatives living in the Kalahari Desert than you’ll find on most human shows in a month. Every 24 hours some disaster befalls this clan, and 24-hour cameras record everything. A brave son suffers a lethal snake bite, then stupid teenage baby-sitters go off to play and forget the baby who dies in the heat, a psycho uncle puts the colony in danger, a sad betrayal by a brother-in-law, a rebellious daughter gets pregnant via a male from the enemy clan, a powerful mother plans infanticide, and nasty one-eyed leader from a rival tribe tries to take over — all that is just the first week!

Suena muy interesante.

True Film: Meerkat Manor

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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  • jose 22 enero, 2009, 10:22 am

    Hola, Me suena haber visto este documental el año pasado alguna tarde de verano en la 2 o el 33. (Si, yo veo documentales de animales y no gran hermano, ¿que pasa?).

    Factura impecable, y al final estabas realmente pendiente de que pasaba con la guerra que se monta ente los animalicos. Si es que no hemos inventado nada!.

    Saludos, gran blog!