Dispositivos artísticos

Making art on computers is nothing new, and generally based on software development. If we want to get to the root of something considered «Device Art» from that point of view, we have to take a look at (artful) software development and the rise of mobile devices. One might suspect the first programmable devices were mobile phones, but gaming handhelds, like the Nintendo Game Boy are probably a good platform with which to start this discussion. This is where the homebrew movement kicks in. People tried to modify games and get their own software running on the hardware plugged into televisions and portable handhelds. Second, programmers created tools in order to make developing and running their own software on these platforms easier. Once these tools were completed and distributed, a new generation of users was given the opportunity to run (and maybe create) their own software. Devices like mobile phones, handheld gaming units and vintage hardware activate new developers.

Device Art – A Broad Overview of Current Developments | Vague Terrain

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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