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TBH: Well, you know. Regularly published articles containing text, audio, images and/or video content, typically arranged in reverse chronological order, housed in a search engine-friendly content management system and piped around the Web through RSS. Blogging, right?

X: Okay ? yes, I remember how it was back in ?08. I think you?re only now beginning to grasp the power and influence of the new media. It?s going to permeate everything you do, everything you take in. You won?t be able to go anywhere on earth without being connected – without being expected to broadcast something, to share some part of you with the cloud. It?s sad in a way.

TBH: Sad – how so?

X: Well, take the last time I went on vacation. The whole world knew exactly where I was going, how long I was gone, and what all my friends thought of my spending $27 a gallon to drive my old ?06 Sonata out to my grandma?s cabin in the mountains. It?s like there?s a dotted line around where you are – you?re almost blogging your life and thoughts even when you?re avoiding doing so.

The Future of Blogging: Interview with a Blogger from 2018 | The Blog Herald

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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