El dragón de cemento

Comentario sobre el libro The Concrete Dragon de Thomas J. Campanella, sobre el asombroso desarrollo urbano de la China moderna:

Unlike most commentators who (understandably) focus on Beijing and on the past five years, Campanella travels back in times and narrates the Beijing as it was before Mao put a drastic and heavy hand on the traditional urban fabric. But the author also recalls the urban story of other cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen, visits the incredibly popular theme parks, takes pictures of a replica of Piazza San Marco in South China Mall, the largest mall in the world. He reflects on the influence of foreigners, on the destruction of the architectural patrimony and more importantly the author comments on the global and local impact of these transformations on the environment and the social fabric. Being bolder, faster and bigger comes also with a terrible human costs.

However, Campanella sees beyond the stereotypes that the typical Westener often has about China. He refrains from quick judgments, seems to genuinely admire China and has still buckets of hopes for what the future might bring, especially on the ‘going green’ front.

Pinta muy interesante.

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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