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Whether we can count on seeing more Dr. Horrible or another Whedon web event in the near future, remains to be seen. ?What we accomplished I do not believe I could accomplish again,? Whedon says. ?I absolutely want to continue to work in [web] as a venue particularly. There are things I think that are absolutely made just for the internet and I?m excited by that I would love to continue to work at that level?with maybe one extra day of shooting.? The writer?s strike played an important role in getting Dr. Horrible off the ground?many favors were called in to help get it done?and Whedon intends to pay everyone back should the show make money off sales of the DVD (which will include special features not shown on the limited web release). ?I obviously can?t afford to just to do this all the time and throw money down a sink but if it?s at all viable economically, it doesn?t have to be a cash cow for it to be worshiped by me.?

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Dr. Horrible’s sing-along blog

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  • JJ 20 julio, 2008, 7:30 pm

    Me lo he empapado esta mañana, y es sencillamente estupendo.