Kenji Murakami

Lo malo de leer entrevistas con gente como Kenji Murakami es descubrir que te interesa ver lo que hacen pero su obra parece imposible de encontrar. Les dejo con este párrafo que me ha resultado muy interesante:

By the way, do you know how I make a living? It’s impossible to live off making independent documentaries, so I mostly work as a director on TV series, mostly on idol shows. Right now I’m doing Keitai Deka at TBS for producer Andrew Tamon Niwa. Together with Takashi Shimizu, Yudai Yamaguchi and a few others I did Kaiki Daikazoku, The Big Horror Family, which is a kind of horror comedy series. The producer for that was Yo Umezaki at TV Tokyo. That’s how I make a living. Oh, there’s another thing I do too: I make these factory videos. There are people who are factory otaku, these people actually exist. Like trainspotters, except they are factory spotters. So I make videos that feature only shots of factories. These DVDs sell really well. Also, my latest work was shot in a sex museum. The museum was going to close its doors, so I went there and filmed every single object in their collection. The final package is a three-hour DVD. That’s how I make money. Most documentary filmmakers can’t make a living off their work, which is why a lot of us become teachers or work in television. The TV work is totally opposite from what I do in my own films, because it’s meant for a mass audience. But if you look at the whole thing, I think it’s really well balanced, with the public stuff on one side and the personal things on the other.

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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  • Jabba 1 julio, 2008, 12:32 am

    No sé si lo de traducir es solo trabajo o también hobby, pero por si te interesa, pásate por aquí. No sé por qué, pero nada más leer la noticia, me has venido a la cabeza.

    Un saludo.

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