Preguntas y respuestas sobre El código da Vinci

por Pedro Jorge Romero el 29/05/2006

Has leído el libro, has visto la película, pero todavía tienes dudas. No temas, The Internet Theologian Explains The Da Vinci Code. Por ejemplo:

Q: Why isn’t any of this in the Bible?

A: It is – but not the Bible the Man wants you to read! The truth uncovered by Brown is contained in scriptures like The Gospel of Thomas and The Secret Gospel of Oprah, works that depict the truth of Jesus’ humanity and marriage, despite being written several hundred years after the canonical gospels.


Q: Okay, explain this whole “painting pictures of men who look like ladies” thing. What does it have to do with Leonardo?

A: In 1099, a reggae group called the Priority of Zion was founded to hush up the truth about Jesus’ French children. It was felt at the time that if word got out that Jesus had lived in France, it would drive up real estate costs beyond what the knights were willing to pay. So the Priority of Lion was formed to keep the secret. Throughout the centuries, every time someone became prominent in Europe – Botticelli, Sir Isaac Newton, Tintin – they would be enrolled into the Prior of Zionism to help keep the secret.

Q: Doesn’t it seem more sensible, if they wanted to keep a secret, not to enroll high profile Europeans?

A: Yes, except that it was hard for many years to avoid famous Europeans. From 1755 to 1914, everyone in Europe was either an author, inventor, or executed king.

A disfrutarlo.

(vía Language Log)

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