Un Cricket es un ordenador diminuto que puede hacer girar cosas, encenderlas y tocar música. Se le pueden conectar luces, sensors y otros dispositivos y programarlo para reaccionar, interactuar y comunicarse. Tiene buena pìnta como juguete:

A Cricket is a tiny computer that can make things spin, light up, and play music.

You can plug lights, motors, sensors, and other devices into a Cricket, then program them to react, interact, and communicate.

For example, you can make a cat and program it to purr when someone pets it. Or you can make a birthday cake and program it to play a song when someone blows out the candles.

The PicoCricket Kit is similar to the LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ robotics kits. MINDSTORMS is designed especially for making robots, while the PicoCricket Kit is designed for making artistic creations with lights, sound, music, and motion.

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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