Buffy, the theory slayer

Noticia divertida. Por lo visto en los límites del sistema solar hay un objeto que se comporta de forma extraña:

A large object has been found beyond Pluto travelling in an orbit tilted by 47 degrees to most other bodies in the solar system. Astronomers are at a loss to explain why the object’s orbit is so off-kilter while being almost circular.


2004 XR190, however, follows a nearly circular path. And it is too distant to have come into direct contact with Neptune, travelling between 52 and 62 AU from the Sun. Its orbit is also too circular – and too small – to have been tilted by a passing star, says Allen.

Pero lo divertido es este punto de la noticia:

These traits make the object, nicknamed «Buffy» after the US television series about a vampire slayer, hard to explain. «Maybe Buffy is going to be a bit of a theory slayer,» Allen told New Scientist.

Aunque, por supuesto, ya tienen alguna que otra hipótesis.

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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  • Anónimo 13 diciembre, 2005, 12:07 pm

    umh… el hecho de que sea una sonda de observación vulcana está contemplado entre las posibles teorías?