Clichés publicitarios

Una lista de clichés (ahora por lo visto se escribe clisé) de la publicidad. Como eso de que comerte un yogur (ahora se escribe yogur) te quita de inmediato el cansancio de todo el día. Éstos son mis preferidos:

1. Men are obsessed with sex but will forego sex in order to watch football or drink beer.

4. Mums are often harassed but NEVER depressed/unable to cope.

9. Elderly relatives NEVER suffer from senile dementia.

13. Both men and women find driving deeply pleasurable, never boring or stressful.

15. Chocolate, however, will cause women to immediately fall into the languor of the opium eater.

21. Any over-the-counter medical product will work instantly and 100 per cent effectively, e.g. Lemsip will immediately remove all symptoms of colds and flu.

22. Children know more than adults.

(vía Grow-a-brain)


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Pedro Jorge Romero

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