Figments of Reality

Ian Stewart y Jack Cohen son dos excelentes divulgadores (me gustan especialmente los libros sobre ciencia del Mundodisco que han escrito con Terry Pratchett).

De la contraportada:

How is it possible for inanimate matter to turn into complex creatures like us with rich inner worlds of mind and imagination?

Some will ascribe it to God and be satisfied. Some will ascribe it to the inexorable consequences of the fundamental laws of physics and be satisfied. However, for those who find either approach incomplete, this book seeks to explain the evolution of mankind’s consciousness from a new and intriguing perspective. It skilfully argues that the mind evolved in the context of culture and language, aiding survival in a complex and competitive world.

Written by bestselling authors Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen, Figments of Reality breaks new ground and develops profoundly thought provoking and novel insights into the nature of evolution, science and humanity.


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Pedro Jorge Romero

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