Un escaner flexible

Un escaner que se puede doblar y ajustarlo a la superficie que se desea escanear. Por ejemplo, así se podría obtener una imagen de un libro sin tener que abrirlo por completo y colocarlo plano sobre el vidrio.

dottocomu: Tokyo University’s wraparound scanner

Tokyo University’s Quantum-Phase Electronics Centre has come up with a scanner in the form of a flexible plastic sheet containing organic diodes that can be placed against an object to scan it. This makes it possible to get a perfect scan of both pages of old and fragile books without mauling them, for example. It also doesn’t require the amount of light needed by a conventional scanner, as the organic photodiodes pick up reflected light from the object being scanned, though you do need the object directly under a fluourescent light to get a good image.


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Pedro Jorge Romero

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