Una aproximación al proyecto Minimo, el intento de crear un navegador para pequeños dispositivos basado en Gecko. Por el momento, Opera es líder indiscutido en ese terreno, y por ahora Minimo es más bien para PDAs con Linux, pero como bien dicen al final, la próxima guerra de los navegadores podría lucharse en tu móvil.

Mozilla’s Minimo hopes to stir up mobile browsing

Despite the application’s inherent limitations, Minimo may have more to contribute than a simple HTML browser. Minimo developers have been churning out new ideas for improving the usability of websites on small-screen devices such as re-flowing content to eliminate horizontal scrolling without discarding page elements, page zooming, and non-linear navigation of hyperlinks. If this team can find a way to shrink the mammoth mozilla code-base into something that will run well on a cell-phone as well as continue to innovate, Opera may very well have their own browser war on their hands.


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Pedro Jorge Romero

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