Oda al moleskine

Para todos esos curiosos individuos que se preguntan qué es un moleskine, moleskinerie ofrece repite esta definición y luego añade algunos detalles propios.

«It’s a notebook with great paper and a envelope on the back cover and an oilskin cover and a sewn binding and the whole thing is kept tightly shut with an elastic band that makes a satisfying snap as you close your notebook for the day after a session of fantastic writing and it’s an object of adoration for quite a few people out there who would rather pay an outrageous sum for a beautiful, useful object like this than a dollar-ninety-seven for a cheap spiral-bound notebook at the drugstore (not that there’s anything wrong with dollar-ninety-seven cheap spiral-bound notebooks if that’s what you like).»


Categoría: Silva

Pedro Jorge Romero

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