Ya nadie es responsable de sus actos

Como muestra este caso: una mujer se gasta 100.000 dólares en compras, y demanda a la compañía de la tarjeta de crédito asegurando que la «indujeron» a gastarse ese dinero.

Techdirt:Woman Sues AmEx For Letting Her Spend Too Much

A woman who claims (falsely) that she is a Saudi Arabian princess and a former Victoria’s Secret model, apparently caught «shopping fever» and rung up nearly $1 million in charges on an American Express card. When AmEx came to collect, she sued them, claiming they «induced» her to spend, by promising a «flexible» payment plan. In her mind, it seems, «flexible payment plan» means «you never have to pay.» Once again, it’s the latest thing in personal responsibility: there’s always someone else to blame.

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