Russ Meyer

El genial Russ Meyer ha muerto. Roger Ebert escribe la retrospectiva:

Meyer’s «The Immoral Mr. Teas» (1959), hailed by the highbrow critic Leslie Fiedler as the funniest comedy of the year, created the skin flick genre, and after the box office success of his «Vixen» (1968) he was crowned «King of the Nudies» in a front-page profile in the Wall Street Journal. His «Beyond the Valley of the Dolls» (1970), for which I wrote the screenplay, represented the first foray into sexploitation by a major studio (20th Century Fox).

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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  • Jam 30 junio, 2002, 3:00 pm

    Siempre es triste que alguien nos deje, pero nos consuela poder disfrutar de su legado; aún conservo alguna de sus películas grabadas del Canal + hace muchos años y me siguen pareciendo estupendas.