Thing Knowledge de Davis Baird

Thing Knowledge: A Philosophy of Scientific Instruments tiene una pinta francamente buena. Trata un tema apasionante pero pocas veces explorado:

Western philosophers have traditionally concentrated on theory as the means for expressing knowledge about a variety of phenomena. This absorbing book challenges this fundamental notion by showing how objects themselves, specifically scientific instruments, can express knowledge. As he considers numerous intriguing examples, Davis Baird gives us the tools to «read» the material products of science and technology and to understand their place in culture. Making a provocative and original challenge to our conception of knowledge itself, Thing Knowledge demands that we take a new look at theories of science and technology, knowledge, progress, and change. Baird considers a wide range of instruments, including Faraday’s first electric motor, eighteenth-century mechanical models of the solar system, the cyclotron, various instruments developed by analytical chemists between 1930 and 1960, spectrometers, and more.

Por desgracia es carísimo. Habrá que esperar si en el futuro sacan una edición más asequible.

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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