¿Aprender a dejar de preocuparse y amar la pérdida de la intimidad?

En You Are Your References Seth Godin cuenta que todo lo que hacemos online queda registrado, para volverse a favor o en contra en un futuro. Una búsqueda rápida por internet sirve para obtener mucha información sobre una persona. ¿Qué hacer? Pues él propone:

So what should we do? Should we fret and live in fear of our past actions and words coming back to haunt us? I don’t think so. There’s a bright new opportunity just sitting here, waiting for organizations and individuals to take advantage of it: Spend your future creating your past, starting right now. Live your life out loud, well aware that everything you say can (and will) be used against you (or for you). Treat every customer as though he could turn into a testimonial. Treat every vendor as if she could give you a recommendation. And then, when the time comes, the seeds you’ve sown will pay off.

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