La supervivencia de Amazon

Amazon no sólo sigue existiendo, desafiando así a los que anunciaban su desapareción inmediata, sino que además ha dado beneficios. How survived, thrived and turned a profit ofrece algunas de las claves del asunto. En particular, Jeff Bezos parece tener algo muy claro:

And he has not lost his passion for making the online consumer’s experience better. That’s the mantra he used to build Amazon over the past decade. And it’s something that he still preaches to this day.

«The better you can make your customer experience … the more customers you’ll attract, the larger share of that household’s purchases you will attract,» Bezos said during a conference call after yesterday’s earnings announcement. «You can become a bigger part of a customer’s life by just simply doing a better job for them. It’s a very, very simple-minded approach.»

Ojalá para los empresarios españoles fuese así de evidente.

(vía Techdirt)

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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