Microsoft User Network

Microsoft User Network:

MSUN (Microsoft User Network) is an unofficial independent organization aimed at improving the feedback between Microsoft and consumers. Our role is to help Microsoft to maintain and improve its position as world leader as software producer. Our actual initiatives range from pure figure supporting to free product marketing. Our work can be synthesized as ?Digital Politics?, because ?marketing? is only a small part of our activities, which is different from advertisement.

In short terms, what we do is grouping every kind of popular support for Microsoft and organizing it, giving information about how MS technology can improve their everyday life, and fighting the prejudice and ignorance that prevents many of the best things from Microsoft to be widely accepted.

We are actually one of the largest pro Microsoft independent consumer organizations, and our growth rate is very high, proving that we are filling a need between users.

The best is yet to come and we will show what the Digital Decade can be with Microsoft.

Espero que no sea una broma. Me parece más divertido si es de verdad. Pobrecitos los de Microsoft: ricos como Creso pero sin el amor del público. Si, es necesario que los usuarios se unan para defender a esa noble empresa.

(vía Dan Gillmor’s eJournal)

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