Secret Spells Barbie

De días, son colegialas pijas. De noche, se convierten en brujas con debilidad por los colores chillones. Secret Spells Barbie, Christie y Kayla. La verdad, parece que en Mattel han visto demasiados episodios de Embrujadas.

Aunque reconozco que yo estoy enamorado de Spongebob Barbie. Si lo encontrase en una tienda la compraba mañana.

Sin embargo, como comentan en este artículo, hay que sentir un poco de pena por Mattel. Deben ser muy cuidadosos con lo que hacen y dejan de hacer:

Yes, Secret Spells Barbie is a witch. Sort of. But not really. Even though she is. But Mattel would never dare call her that, of course. Barbie just, you know, dabbles. Plays around. Casts a «spell,» then twirls her hair and pops her gum and giggles a lot and then goes shopping. This is what Barbie does.

Nothing seriously Wiccan here, nothing remotely intelligent or in depth or knowledgeable about true witchcraft or magick or Wiccan belief, of course, because were Mattel to venture too far and dare to actually educate or inspire young maidens to shun church and embrace nature and dye their hair black and change their name to Raven Wolfdancer and start holding slumber parties/yoni awakenings on the winter solstice, why, terrified Christians would almost certainly rise up and light torches and march on their local pseudo-Christian Wal-Marts, which would immediately stop carrying the demonic lesbian Wiccan dolls that only masquerade as oversequined sanitized blonds with the equivalent of 39-inch chests.

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