Qué hacer en Santiago cuando el postmodernismo ha muerto

Me recuerda un poco al chiste de cuántos dadaistas hacen falta para cambiar una bombilla. Por otra parte, larga vida al Realismo Crítico:

Critical realism, then, rescues us from the postmodernist nightmare and restores us to reality. We cannot manage without a concept of truth. There is (as most of us thought all along) a pre-existing external reality about which it is the job of science to tell us. True, we must be cautious about claims to objective reality, alert to ideological distortions, and aware that the world is a messier, more complicated place than the accounts of physicists would suggest. This does not mean that such claims cannot plausibly be made. A central plank of critical realism is that science can no longer be considered as just another myth or story.

Aunque la verdad, no suena muy diferente a lo que ya creía cualquier persona razonable.

(vía Ben Hammersley’s Dangerous Precedent)

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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  • Avel 30 junio, 2002, 3:00 pm

    Sí. "Cualquier persona razonable": como Newton, Einstein o Gödel, o gente así. Sensata, sin pensamientos disparatados.