¿Contaminan las bitácoras los resultados de Google?

Hace ya un tiempo corrió esa idea: las bitácoras estaban excesivamente representadas en los resultados de Google lo que reducía su utilidad y el famoso buscador las eliminaría pronto de su índice. ¿Hay algo de cierto? Más allá de las anécdotas y experiencias personales (que un grano no hace granero) alguien se ha decidido a comprobarlo: «Do Blogs Spam Google Results?«.

Since April 4, 2003 I have been practically testing Google to test the accuracy of the Orlowskian Charge that Google is blocked with blogs. Are blogs a spam-like nuisance in Google? The complaint from anti-bloggers is that it is almost becoming impossible to obtain good search results in Google because bloggers pages get in the way of giving you the ‘real’ pages. I noted yesterday that Evan pointed to another post on this topic in Deconstructing Matt’s Google blog spam example. Evan quite rightly points out that the post making the complaint once again gives just one example and from that charges that blogs are doing it again. See the post for yourself at: Maybe I should write for the Register UK too . Evan and Matt, if you really want to know, here are the results from an extensive test we have completed over the past week. You are right Evan, one example does not show anything. Matt — if you really want to do some research, as you indicate in your blog, then this is how it is done. I obtained the services of 10 students and we completed 5,000 searches and this is what we found.

Después de detallar el procedimiento y evaluar los resultados, las conclusiones:

In using searches sampled from the AllTheWeb feed and then applying them to a search in Google, we found that Google does not appear to over represent blogs in search results. We found that only in 5 individual cases (or 0.1% of the total sample) that a blog was inappropriately placed and could have got in the way of an information seeker actually obtaining relevant results.

Pues eso, que no. Ah, qué simple es aplicar el método científico.


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Pedro Jorge Romero

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