The Matrix Reloaded

Mis dos críticos de cine favoritos ya se han manifestado sobre The Matrix Reloaded, la continuación de Matrix y segunda de una trilogía (por si alguien no lo sabía por llevar viviendo bajo una piedra los últimos cuatro años). James Berardinelli le da un 3 sobre cuatro y comenta:

Non-demanding fans of the original The Matrix will likely be enthralled by the second installment in the series. More demanding aficionados will likely have a few reservations, some of which will not be addressed until the release of the third feature, Matrix Revolutions. I fall into the latter category. Although there are things about The Matrix Reloaded that I like, the movie is so open-ended and riddled with gaping holes that it’s virtually impossible to view this as a finished project. Writing this review makes me feel like I’m putting pen to paper after seeing only half of a motion picture. At this time, I recommend the movie for what it is, but I reserve the right to revise that opinion in six months. It is possible -perhaps even likely- that the shadow of Matrix Revolutions will be so long that it will fundamentally impact the effectiveness of The Matrix Reloaded.

Mientras que Roger Ebert le da un 3,5 sobre cuatro y dice:

«The Matrix» (1999), written and directed by the brothers Andy and Larry Wachowski, inspired so much inflamed pseudo-philosophy that it’s all «The Matrix Reloaded» can do to stay ahead of its followers. It is an immensely skillful sci-fi adventure, combining the usual elements: heroes and villains, special effects and stunts, chases and explosions, romance and oratory. It develops its world with more detail than the first movie was able to afford, gives us our first glimpse of the underground human city of Zion, burrows closer to the heart of the secret of the Matrix, and promotes its hero, Neo, from confused draftee to a Christ figure in training.


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