What IS Moblogging?

Russell gives his definition of moblogging. A definition so strict that moblogging turns out to be almost impossible:

So now, that leaves us with Moblogging vs regular blogging. If I take my computer out to the country and connect via GPRS and post, am I moblogging? Again, I’d say no. If you’re using your PC or a normal keyboard, you’re not moblogging. You need to be using a mobile phone, or a PDA via a cellular connection with a real IP – GPRS or 3G. It seems very specific, but I think that’s more or less what everyone has in mind anyways.

Too strict, I think. You have to use or own a very specific device to be a moblogger. Actually I agree more with the post in Audioblog/Mobileblogging News:

You must really mean 3650moblogging.

I guess we should go to the dictionary and look up mobile ….Capable of moving or changing quickly from one state or condition to another.

I always thought moblogging was about blogging (text, audio, video, etc.) while using a mobile device. I never associated the flavor of wireless IP connectivety or multimedia with being moblogging or not. The act of using a mobile device and being able to post to your blog are the key.

Maybe if I post from the garden using my WiFi card in my laptop -an awkward device to move but mobile anyway- I am not actually moblogging. Consider that a gray area. But posting from a conference room using WiFi and my laptop (with a decent enough keyboard) I would definitely call moblogging. Same thing about updating my blog from a train or a hotel room using a Nokia 3650. It’s no about the device, it’s the moving. Moving away from my office, actually.

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