Se inventa mi vida y lo hace mejor que yo

Brenda decidió reinventar mi vida para un ejercicio de clase y, francamente, le ha salido mejor que a mí:

Of course, the backstory was totally different. In Kane, there’s such a ridiculous abandonment of principles. In my version, Pedro gets involved with a yonger woman, who I rather haphazardly named Lisa. What Pedro doesn’t realize, and what his friend Joan realizes when he’s on his way to the office and sees them in the window (that’s pronounced «Ho-an,» not «Joan,» for the non-Spanish speakers in the house) is that the woman is not actually a woman, but Joan’s 16-year-old niece on his sister’s side! (Cue gasping.)

So, disgusted and disillusioned, Joan runs away before Pedro has a chance to introduce him and Lisa. Later, he refuses to run a laudatory review Pedro wrote of a book Pedro’s friend wrote. Joan gets drunk and tells him he’s abandoned his principles, and that he just doesn’t know him anymore. (See? See? All that’s missing is «dramatic crimitism»!) And then Joan quits and they never talk again and Pedro never finds out that he was dating a woman half his age.

¡Qué pasado tan interesante!

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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