¿Qué es RSS?

Por suerte, siempre me queda Mark Pilgrim. Acabo de encontrar un artículo suyo llamado precisamente What is RSS? que sirve para hacerse una idea. Especialmente, esta tabla:

RSS versions and recommendations
Version Owner Pros Status Recommendation
0.90 Netscape Obsoleted by 1.0 Don’t use
0.91 UserLand Drop dead simple Officially obsoleted by 2.0, but still quite popular Use for basic syndication. Easy migration path to 2.0 if you need more flexibility
0.92, 0.93, 0.94 UserLand Allows richer metadata than 0.91 Obsoleted by 2.0 Use 2.0 instead
1.0 RSS-DEV Working Group RDF-based, extensibility via modules, not controlled by a single vendor Stable core, active module development Use for RDF-based applications or if you need advanced RDF-specific modules
2.0 UserLand Extensibility via modules, easy migration path from 0.9x branch Stable core, active module development Use for general-purpose, metadata-rich syndication


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Pedro Jorge Romero

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