Por qué Java es mejor que .NET, desde la 26 a la 60

Carlos E. Perez sigue con su polémica lista. Como siempre, las razones aquí y aquí.

There are alot of people who are in uproar with this list. Well I can’t blame them, however let me make a few disclaimers first. The list is a work in progress, and as I’ve stated when I began posting it, the goal was to solicit comments and gather feedback with the ulimate goal to reach 101 reasons. Now, people have pointed out some flaws in some entries, and yes it’ll be corrected in due time.

People who hate the list have also argued that some reasons are invalid because over time .NET will catch up. All I can say to this line of argument is that this is a list about «Today, the Here and Now». We can always revisit the list a year from now, and just maybe, there may be less reasons why Java is better.

26. Better Support for Peer to Peer Networks
27. Pure Java Relational Databases
28.Standardized Security
29. Safer Third Party Libraries
30. Resusable IDE Frameworks
31. Open Source Structured Diagram Editing Frameworks
32. More Parser Generators
33. Aspect Oriented Programming
34. Model-2 Architecture
35. Web Servers written in 100% pure Java and Open Source
36. Microkernels and Services Frameworks
37. Application Servers
38. Tag Libraries
39. More Embedded Expression Languages
40. Pure Java Script Languages and Embedding
41. More Web Service Deployments
42, Sophisticated Logging via Log4J
43. Distributed Caching
44. More Alternative Messaging Implementations
45. Write Stored Procedures and Embedded SQL in Java
46. Better support for Lightweight Persistence
47. Open Source Java Compilers and Parsers
48. Hardware Support
49. More Licensing and Support Options
50. Support for Embedded Devices
51. Continuous Build Frameworks
52. Open Community Process
53. Faster Virtual Machines
54. No Rebooting on Upgrades
55. Multiple Pluggable Cryptographic Providers
56. Better Collection Classes
57. More High Performance Database Drivers
58. More Literature
59. Free Tools for Checking Coding Standards
60. Tools to Support Design By Contract

En relación al punto 50, el autor comenta un dispositivo que se puede programar en Java: el JStamp, que parece técnicamente muy interesante. Pero buscando por la misma web, uno se encuentra con el JStik, que por tener, tiene también conexión ethernet. Se me ocurren varios usos para ese cacharrito. Me pregunto cuánto costará que me lo envién hasta España.


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Pedro Jorge Romero

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