Descubren mensajes de advertencia en el genoma

1 de febrero de 2031

, un grupo de investigadores del Instituto Chomsky ha descubierto, aplicando complejos modelos matemáticos resultados de analizar más de 200 lenguas, mensajes codificados en el material no utilizado del genoma humano. Además de descubrir las «secuencias semánticas» correspondientes, el equipo también ha encontrado una «piedra de Rosetta» lo que les ha permitido traducir más partes:

Though declining to reveal the full results of their analysis, noting that some 97% of the human genome consists of biologically unused sequences with «a statistically significant chance of containing decipherable semantic content,» the team did release translations of a «number of passages of public interest,» including the warning «NOT TO BE REMOVED EXCEPT BY END USER.»

Among other messages, the team isolated at least 42 varied repetitions of the instruction to «[not] fold, spindle, or mutilate» and two apparently inconsistent warranties, one claiming «absence of defect in material or workmanship for 180 days from formulation» and one disavowing «all warranties of fitness for use except as otherwise required.» «Our initial analysis has uncovered a number of repetitions, counter-factuals, and internal-inconsistencies suggesting that these genomic messages are a product of the same evolutionary forces driving reproduction of the non-semantic portions of the genome,» observes Tulip.

Por otra parte, las críticas a los resultados no se han hecho esperar:

Responding to news of the team’s discovery, critics, including a number of prominent linguists and bioinformaticians, characterize the research as a Rorschach Test revealing more about the researchers’ assumptions than about the meaning of human genes. «You have to look closely at their model, at what their meta-linguistic model assumes about the world,» notes Harvard Professor of Statistics Joseph Climb. «If you go into the world with a sufficiently abstract model of ‘language’ you’ll start finding Shakespeare inside rocks and twigs.»

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