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Pues nada, ayer le tocó a Enoch Root y hoy le toca a los griegos. Acabo de encontrar la página de la Unión de Cibercafé en Grecia. En la página disponen de un texto que explica su vísión de la situación:

Meanwhile, Internet café owners are arrested and fined for allowing Counter-Strike, Age of Empires, or Chess on Yahoo! all over Greece for the past week. The Greek Internet Café Union responds by suing public services, cell phone users, gamers that play in their own house. The whole thing is turning into a rather funny situation – except for Internet café owners. Although the police are not breaking into houses (still), the Greek Internet Café Union is encouraging its members to sue even each other for private use of a computer or cell phone for gaming, so that the full implications of the law can be seen even by the bureaucratic and technologically impaired members of the Government.

El periódico griego Kathimerini (en inglés) tiene también algo de información sobre el asunto (aquí, aquí, aquí, aquí, aquí, aquí y aquí). Cito un comentario:

Employees of Athens video arcades are expected to demonstrate in the capital today after yesterday?s protest by about 600 arcade employees in Thessaloniki, who demanded security for the nation?s 200,000 workers facing redundancy as a result of last week?s ban on all electronic games from establishments open to the public. The government imposed the ban as a last resort in its losing fight against the spread of illegal slot machines .

Eso sí, sigo sin tener nada claro. Es mi sino, supongo. No habrá por ahí ningún griego amable que me aclare el asunto, ¿verdad?

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