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Felices fiestas

(ht faraox) […] Read More

Descárgate un país

El país en cuestión es Suecia, y desde hace unos días te lo puedes descargar en forma de mapa para Minecraft: Full Sweden as virtual and playable world in Minecraft! It becomes a reality when the National Land Survey releases a landscape model to the popular computer game. The model is based on the maps […] Read More

Caníbales en los mapas del siglo XVI

While cannibalism is not an unknown practice, especially in times of famine, it was never as widespread as shown in these 16th-century atlases. Maps, going back to antiquity, have always been about more than just charting geography; they affirm structures of power, including the control of unseen land, and act as an imperialist tool for reinforcing […] Read More

‘Rock Me Archimedes’

Qué pinta más estupenda tiene este juego: A board/lever game of marbles and balance, in homage to the Greek mathematician of the same name. Origen: 'Rock Me Archimedes' Marble Balance Game — Tools and Toys […] Read More

Somos robots

Qué monos: Students at Lemmchen elementary school in Mainz, near Frankfurt, Germany perform Kraftwerk’s classic “Die Roboter,” complete with adorable cardboard robot costumes. Origen: ‘We are the Robots’: German elementary school kids do Kraftwerk | Dangerous Minds h/t Xavier […] Read More