«It’s an acid head trip without the brain damage»

Sobre Yellow Submarine:

Perched on the precipice with Peter Max and the rest of the pop art movement, Yellow Submarine is a feast for the eyes. It’s an acid head trip without the brain damage, a detour into a part of the ‘60s which believed that sight and sound could cure the world. With its mixture of memorable characters and recognizable faces, the film functions as a companion piece to the music the band was making at the time. From the flapper splash of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” to the newsreel nuances of “It’s Only a Northern Song,” Submarine shimmers. Even early entries in the Beatles catalog, like “Eleanor Rigby,” rewrite the rules of animation while literalizing the lyrics present.

En Its All Too Much…Almost: Yellow Submarine Blu-ray.

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Indeed, Yellow Submarine is a cartoon for the soul, a significant statement by a band who had very little to do with its making and everything to do with its spirit and vitality

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Pedro Jorge Romero

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